Concrete walkway with a custom concrete overlay. (click image for details)
Decorative epoxy finish on concrete basement floor. (click image for details)
Refacing exposed foundation with custom faux brick finish. (click image for details)
Concrete pool deck overlay with slip-resistant finish. (click image for details)


Resurface your existing concrete with a decorative concrete overlay!

By investing in a concrete overlay, a beautiful, durable surface can be created without having to remove and replace your existing concrete. With the proper preparation a concrete overlay can be applied to a dirty, stained or painted surface. Outdoors they are not only an aesthetic upgrade, but the polymer blend of the concrete overlay is resistant to salt and ice melt. The limitless design possibilities are not just for exterior use, it can also be applied to your interior concrete surfaces.

Sound Concrete Solutions does not use a minimum amount of square footage as criteria for considering a job. We also do not have a minimum dollar figure in considering a job. For example, most decorative concrete contractors will not take a job for under $1200.00. We have repaired and applied a decorative overlay to front steps for as little as $400.00! Our prices will not be beat and we guarantee our work for a year.